Your Child Is One Click Away From Pornography

Your Child Is One Click Away From Pornography

Do you know what to do?
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von: Elena Laguarda Ruiz, María Fernanda Laguarda Ruiz, Regina Novelo Quintana, Valeria Le Duc

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Verlag: Gratia
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Veröffentl.: 16.08.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9788418520907
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Your child is one click away from pornography, do you know what to do?
Pornography enters the lives of children and adolescents at an increasingly early age, sometimes even when they were unaware of its existence or haven't made a conscious decision to watch it.
With just one click, our children could bear witness to the desires, fantasies and perversions of a diverse adult world. Pornography is a gigantic business that at present affects in many ways the views that children and teens hold around
intimacy, relationships, sexuality, pleasure, and even what is expected of a man or a woman.
How can we approach our children about this topic?
How can we prepare them to know what to do if they run into it?
How can we help them question the discourse it offers?
This book offers an opportunity to broach an open dialogue with children and teens that allows us to accompany them and prevent pornography from tarnishing their experience of a fulfilling, pleasurable and violence-free sexuality in the future.
Why this book?
Why an update?
Yesterday and today: The New PorNograPhy
Pornography in the life of an adult
Pornography through the eyes of a child
Impact of pornography on girls, boys, and adolescents
When once is not enough
Pornography: the new sex education?
What to do, what to say?
Prevention as the best approach
My son watched pornography
Porn culture: living pornography
Creating alliances
One last comment
Glossary of terms and definitions
Elena, María Fernanda & Regina  are founders of Asesoría educativa y prevención (Educational Counseling and Prevention), a company that dedicates its efforts to work on sexuality with children, adolescents and adults. It has implemented its program in various nationally recognized educational institutions. Its mission is to create educational spaces for people to develop thoughts, behaviors, attitudes and skills that allow them to take ownership of a fulfilling and healthy sexuality.The company has also pursued research on a variety of topics as well as the design and creation of educational materials and short stories to facilitate children's approach to different realities.  

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